Water-soluble Amino Acid Fertilizer(Liquid)

● Contain 17 balanced single amino acids
● Total free amino acid content:20%.
● Only allowed for fertilizer production

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Complex amino acid solution is a component of some special plant proteins with metabolic activity, which can directly participate in photosynthesis and is beneficial to stomatal opening. In addition, amino acids are effective chelators and precursors or activators of plant hormones. The compound amino acids are almost completely soluble and are ideal for foliar spraying.

1.Synergy between amino acids:
Promote chlorophyll production: alanine, arginine, glutamic acid, glycine, lysine
Promote the formation of plant endogenous hormones: arginine, methionine, tryptophan
Promote root development: arginine, leucine
Promote seed germination and seedling growth: aspartic acid, valine
Promote flowering and fruiting: arginine, glutamic acid, lysine, methionine, proline
Improve fruit flavor: histidine, leucine, isoleucine, valine
Plant pigment synthesis: phenylalanine, tyrosine
Reduce heavy metal absorption: aspartic acid, cysteine
Enhance drought tolerance of plants: lysine, proline
Improve the antioxidant capacity of plant cells: aspartic acid, cysteine, glycine, proline
Improve plant resistance to stress: arginine, valine, cysteine

2. About amino acid fertilizers
Before talking about amino acid fertilizers, let’s clarify a few concepts.
Amino acid: the basic unit of protein, easy to absorb.
Small peptides: composed of 2-10 amino acids, also called oligopeptides.
Polypeptide: It is composed of 11-50 amino acids and has a relatively large molecular weight, and some of it is not easily absorbed.
Protein: Peptides composed of more than 50 amino acids are called proteins and cannot be directly absorbed by plants.
From a nutritional point of view, the application of amino acids to crops is sufficient, but in terms of functionality, small molecule peptides and polypeptides are more powerful and have a good biological stimulating effect.
Its advantages are: fast absorption and transportation, more conducive to the formation of chelates with metal ions, improved crop resistance, etc., and does not consume its own energy.
Of course, as an amino acid fertilizer with relatively advanced production technology and higher grade, it not only contains free amino acids, small molecule peptides, and polypeptides, but also adds some biologically active substances that can increase functions, such as Huangtaizi. The probiotic microencapsulation technology combines organic nutrients and probiotics to form highly concentrated microcapsules, which has a good effect on stimulating crop roots and intrinsic potential, and improving crop yield and quality.

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Q1: What certification has your company passed?
A1: ISO9001,ISO14001,ISO45001,HALAL,KOSHER

Q2: What is the total production capacity of your company?
A2: Amino acids capacity is 2000 tons.

Q3: How large is your company?
A3: It covers a total area of more than 30,000 square meters

Q4: What testing equipment does your company have?
A4: Analytical Balance, Constant Temperature Drying Oven, Acidometer, Polarimeter, Water Bath, Muffle Furnace, Centrifuge, Grinder, Nitrogen Determination Instrument, Microscope.

Q5: Are your products traceable?
A5: Yes. Difference product have difference batch, the sample will be keep for two year.

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