What are amino acids?
Amino acids are the basic substances that constitute proteins, and are organic compounds in which the hydrogen atoms on the carbon atoms of carboxylic acids are replaced by amino groups. Amino acids can synthesize tissue proteins, as well as amine-containing substances such as hormones, antibodies, and creatine. In addition, amino acids can also be converted into carbohydrates and fats, or directly oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, and urea can produce energy. If you do not eat well for a long time, you will suffer from malnutrition and weakened immune function. Or the body is excessively weak after the operation. In this case, some amino acids can be injected to promote the body’s recovery.

Twenty amino acids refer to glycine, alanine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, methionine (methionine), proline, tryptophan, serine, tyrosine, cysteine Acid, phenylalanine, asparagine, glutamine, threonine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, lysine, arginine and histidine are the proteins that make up the living body main unit.

How to supplement important amino acids?
First, keep food diversified. That is, to mix and eat a variety of food proteins to achieve the effect of supplementing each other’s amino acid deficiency in various foods, so as to maintain sufficient and balanced amino acid protein nutrition.

Second, avoid excessive fat intake. High-protein foods are often high-fat foods. Because modern people consume more animal protein and exercise less at the same time, high-fat foods can easily cause adverse health effects. Therefore, when choosing protein foods, choose categories with lower fat content and easier absorption by the human body, and avoid excessive fat intake. Nutritionists divide animal meat into red meat and white meat. Pig, beef, and lamb belong to red meat, while poultry and fish belong to white meat. Generally speaking, the nutritional value of white meat is higher than that of red meat.

Third, choose high-quality amino acid nutritional supplements. Due to the accelerated pace of life of modern people, the relatively simple daily diet, and the decline in protein digestion and absorption due to aging or chronic diseases of the human body, appropriate supplements of amino acid nutritional supplements containing all essential amino acids for the human body will enhance the nutrition of amino acids and proteins. The level of human health is of great significance.

Post time: Jun-21-2021